About Ameera Beth

Thank you so much for visiting my healing space! It is a joy and an honor to be a part of your spiritual journey.

I believe very strongly that healing comes from within, and is a co-creative effort between you, Spirit and me. I also believe we are all born to be healers for one another and the planet in our own unique capacity.

I am probably not so different than you. I am a mother who lives in the suburbs, and lives a very regular life. I worry about my kids, pay bills, and work at my personal relationships just like you might. I have asked the same kind questions about God and life that you have, and have desired to lead a happy, healthy Spirit directed life, just like the clients I see everyday. Working with me is like spending time with an old friend, or a trusted neighbor you enjoy chatting with over coffee. I give my heart, my guidance and my unconditional love to all whose presence I have the privilege to share. It is amazing to me how many of us “regular folk” are now moving out into the world with our healing gifts, sharing and teaching others.

If you are drawn to my site it is likely because you are feeling your potential to embrace the truth that you are here to become a Human Angel, and live life in balance, harmony and authenticity. Or, you might be discovering that you too have intuitive gifts, and would like to develop them at a deeper level.  When we become conscious and brave enough to acknowledge the unique and beautiful gifts lying latent within our own angel souls, we can easily release the fears and mis-creations that no longer serve us. When we allow and trust Spirit to transmute these energies in a way that evolves the mind, body and the soul, we become a vessel for truth, light and healing for everyone around us.

Detail below is my story, my very personal and unique journey into the remembrance of the origins of my soul, and spiritual awakening.

Oceans of love,

Ameera Beth

Trans-Personal Spiritual Healer

My Remembrance as a Mer-Being

My remembrance as a mer-being began in 2005 one afternoon while meditating. I began to feel a gentle flow of energy move throughout my body, and to my astonishment my arms rose up in the air and began to move and sway in graceful swim-like motions completely on their own!

At first I thought it was angels or fairies playing with me, as my hands and arms tingled with the energy of the elegant movements. I soon realized that this sacred energy was within me, moving through me at all times!  I simply had to yield to the gentle force moving within and allow it to flow freely throughout my being. I soon began to writhe with full body movements as the mermaid/dolphin within merged dimensionally with my physical body. The sensation was one of pure ecstasy and awe and felt wonderfully familiar.

mermaid_makingoutThrough water meditations and past life regression I began to rediscover the potential of my newly remembered Mer-self. I recalled the experiences of being an energy healer in Atlantis, shape shifting from Mer to human form. I became conscious that this divine force, channeled from the The Creator and Mer world, still flowed through me.

I soon began to extend my precious healing gift to others, transferring waves of healing light and love through my hands, arms and heart. I remembered my mermaid name as Ameera, and met my beloved Twin Ray, Areen. As my mate in the Mer world, he lovingly assists me to exist between the Earth realm and world of water that feels so much like home. I also had the deeply moving experience of reuniting with my Mer-family and long lost friendships with many dolphins and sea turtles.

The remembrances of my existence as a Mer-person and the gifts brought forward into this lifetime have been filled with vivid emotions, joy and a longing to return to my ocean home. As I continue to explore my connection to the Mer world I am blessed to have the encouragement of my present life family and Spiritual community.

I suppose on some level I have always known that a part of my existence was down in the depths of the ocean. It feels so natural to reconnect to this aspect of my soul, and know myself as a multidimensional being. It is my hope that those who are remembering lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria will find my experiences helpful in their own journey. It is my desire to assist and reconnect those of us who carry the energy of the Dolphins and Mer-beings in our bodies to one another and to our cherished planet. In this time of great change and awakening, I am honored to be part of the dawning of a new consciousness of love and light here on Gaia.