Healing Meditations

Jean-Luc-Lightwaves_meditation_300Foundational Chakra Clearing

Lower chakra energy effects us at the most primal level, and if they are not clear and in balance, or they hold fears around money, sex, relationships, religion that are not cleared, it is very difficult for the upper chakras to open and create a deeper connection to our High Wise Self and Soul purpose. This mediation will help to open and clear imprints and blocks from our most primal beliefs and experiences. It will allow to you to move forward with strength, empowerment and in your own truth.


High Heart Chakra Meditation

The High Heart Chakra represents our ability to know and walk in our worthiness. It is about expressing self love, and Divinity as 5th dimensional human angels.


Opening Aura & Ground to Earth Star Chakra Meditation

Our Aura is our Sacred Space. It is the egg shaped bubble that enables us to shield our physical body and protect our energy. When our energy is clear we are able to emit our own frequency without absorbing the energies around us. This meditation will teach you how to access your Aura, and utilize it for energetic protection through color. I will also teach you how to ground to your Earth Star Chakra, to bring peace, calm and presence to your body instantly.


Gold Ray Meditation

It is my belief that the Gold Ray is the most powerful healing Ray connected to the Divine and to the Angelic Realm. I use this meditation at night in bed, and ask the Gold to permeate my Aura and Chakras, clearing any energies not for my Highest and most Divine that I may have picked up during my day. I fall asleep quicker, dream better, and awaken refreshed. Enjoy!