The Sacred Touch of Atlantis

The Sacred Touch of Atlantis  is a unique 13 chakra and aura clearing, combined with the channeling of the Mer and Dolphin realm energies. Ameera’s remembrance as an Atlantean Temple Priestess and Mer Being who shape shifted into human form, allows for this ancient practice of clearing and healing the body to be utilized once again.

The technique Ameera accesses is achieved through channeled arm movements and hand placements. This unique technique becomes a very active treatment of releasing old thought


patterns, and energetic “intrusions” and recalibrating with new patterning, bringing in Source light and healing. Ameera is particularly effect in removing Spirit attachments and discarnates (disembodied souls using you as a host), IDS (Soul fragments of ourselves affecting us from our past) and repairing holes, tears and slits the Auric field.

Ameera brings in the Divine Gold Ray for High Vibrational clearing, and  infuses the chakras and aura with colors, and encourages her clients to use visualization to powerfully co-create a complete and balanced energetic body. Her clients have experience spontaneous physical and emotional healing from just one session.

Ameera’s role is to act as an energetic gateway to the Ocean and to the Mer Beings. This unique method embraces and relies on the fact that the water element is vital in all human beings. Water not only represents emotion, purity and Life Force, it is the most significant component of our bodies, including the Earth’s body. The dolphins, whales and other sea creature bring this powerfully healing essential element into the healing session.

Ameera has been gifted with memories of her role as powerful water infused healer during the Atlantean and Lemurian ages.  She remembers that there was a large part of these ages when the peoples were very connected to the healing powers of the Oceans and the water element of the planet.

This gift of memory has allowed Ameera to offer once again this amazing energetically water infused technique to the planet.  Her memories and latent gifts offer an amazing and unique opportunity for the modern day client to receive healing energy by way of a long-forgotten, yet widely utilized and highly effective ancient technique.

Ameera works closely with her guides, and Brazilian Goddess Yemanya. She will often utilize beautiful crystals, as well as an extraordinary and unique Lemurian Star-Seed-Wand, all which can be used to augment each individualized healing session.

It is Ameera’s deep desire to always provide a private and sacred space for the client, and to connect on a soul level with those she works and interacts with.  Ameera’s work with her clients is always heart-centered, compassionate and love filled from the All Eternal flow of Universal Love and Well Being.

Atlantean Energy Healing can be held remotely by phone just as effectively as in person.


Session  60 -90 min $144.00


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