I attended a 12 Chakra Clearing and Aura Protection Shield of Ameera’s as well. What is so very cool about Ameera’s workshops is that she teaches us to do the work on ourselves.

Prior to attending her workshop, I was experiencing constant blood sugar crashes, or what appeared to me to be this. They were horrible, and sometimes last for a half hour, even after I ate some protein, which in the past would help.

I had my blood tested (please note, it was a spur of the moment test during a different exam and I had not fasted appropriately). The results showed that I was pre-diabetic. I am healthy, thin, exercise, eat well, so this diagnosis seemed unusual to me. All my research showed that I was NOT a candidate for pre-diabetes. So why all these symptoms?

During the workshop, Ameera mentioned that the energies of the planet are crazy right now and those who are sensitive to them are experiencing many “wonky” symptoms”. The word “wonky” exactly described how I was feeling.

Here is the fascinating thing!!! The moment I cleansed my Chakras and put up a protective Aura shield, my symptoms left me. If there is a moment that I feel they are coming back, I take a moment to center and ground myself, do a cleaning, and I am instantly better.

This is powerful to note how energy, which is everywhere and everything can affect us physically. Modern medicine can’t always pick up on or prescribe ways for us to protect our bodies from this energy. We need people like Ameera, who are guided and trained and filled with nothing but the best for her clients and their healing.

12 Chakra Clearing and Aura Protection Shield Worked!C.S.L

A group of friends and myself wanted to have a coming -of- age ceremony for my 18 year old daughter, Samantha.  Not a birthday party, but a celebration of womanhood. Ameera Beth offered suggestions of many things to do that we might find meaningful.

My other daughter, Valerie, and I wove a wreath of flowers for Samantha to wear in her hair.  Each of us were encouraged to bring a crystal or rock to present to the new 18 year old, and a bead which we would incorporate into a bracelet.

There were candles, drumming, scarves, words of wisdom, laughter and a few tears. Ameera Beth’s attention to detail is amazing!  She spoke inspiring words, which seem to flow from her effortlessly!

We will never forget that magical afternoon and how it welcomed this 18 year old into the loving arms of her sisters of the world.

Thank you, Ameera Beth!  The highest and best to you!

Coming of Age CeremonyNancy

I had the pleasure of having Ameera Beth come and perform a house blessing after having major remodeling done.  I wanted to clear our space of negativity, lingering energy from all the workers that had been in and out of the house, and to cleanse the house from existing energies that may have still been present when we moved in.

Ameera Beth coordinated a beautiful ceremony.  We built a medicine wheel with an alter in the middle on the floor of the new room.  Each friend who joined the cleansing brought something to add to the circle.  I placed objects on the alter that represented my family members and the things that I wanted from the ceremony.  Ameera Beth led us through a beautiful ceremony of intentions, the actual cleansing of each room in the home, and verbal blessings from each friend.   It was beautiful, touching, and has created a lasting, healing, positive energy in my home.  The negative energies in our basement have not returned (it has been 2 years) and our home has continued to have a feeling of warmth, love and peace.

It is the combination of Ameera Beth’s knowledge and purpose, along with our friends and families energy and love that made our house blessing a success.

House BlessingKate D.

I was blessed to meet Ameera Beth for a  Past Life Regression in late 2009.  I had considered having a Past Life Regression before but due to personal trust issues in this life had never felt safe enough.  Ameera Beth made me feel very safe and cared for.  I highly recommend her.  She provides a peaceful setting, a tape of the experience, and the kind of guidance that helps you discover more fully who you are.

The knowledge gained from my session with Ameera Beth has given me back part of my life and is allowing me to bloom in ways never imagined or thought possible.  I am very grateful for her guidance.

Past Life Regression 2009Erin Hollister Grover

Ameera Beth guided me through an awesome past life regression that not only showed me how I came to be who I am, but healed a very painful physical condition. I highly recommend her.

Past Life RegressionFranki deMerle, author of "Ripples On the Surface" and "Deception Past"

My family and I were very blessed and fortunate to have Ameera Beth do a Mother Blessing Ceremony prior to the arrival of our son Kadehn. It was such a wonderful experience for my family, friends and myself.

My 7 yr old daughter Kaihla loved it and it made her feel like she was part of the pregnancy. I felt so pampered and relaxed. My friends soaked my feet, painted my belly, brushed my hair and sang inspirational songs. I felt like a queen for the day.

Everyone brought a bead that represented a blessing that they wanted to share with me during my birthing experience. The beads were made into a necklace and I wore it during the whole labor and birthing process. It gave me the strength I needed to have a natural childbirth and a wonderful experience.

Thanks Ameera Beth you’re the best…

Mother Blessing CeremonyAudra Hall

I went to see Ameera Beth with some MAJOR chakra problems along with horrible ascension symptoms and some unwanted attachments, EVERYTHING Ameera said to me was as if she was seeing my true soul, and for once I felt like someone was actually seeing the true person that I am.

I felt her warmth and kindness, along with her amazing power to heal.. I left feeling different, and comfortable within my own body. Chakras aligned, balance within, and feeling protected. Thank you Ameera Beth! You are an amazing and beautiful soul!!!

Major Chakra Problems Solved - M.Buck