Mer Wisdom Mentoring – Coming Into Your True Calling

goldangelMer Wisdom Mentoring is Ameera’s way of giving back to the Healing community by assisting those who are preparing to create prosperity through amplifying Soul calling and heart purpose. We are all healers to one another when we are following our bliss and creating abundance through our High Divine passions. Courage and desire to follow our Soul’s bliss creates a vortex of energy and light that allows us to fully live as 5th dimensional human Angels on Earth and in JOY and PROSPERITY!

Ameera offers a series of four 90 min. sessions designed to accelerate your efforts and ability to leap quickly and gracefully into the full manifestation of your Sacred mission on Earth. Her client’s come from all back rounds of business, arts, and realms of desire for Quantum Leaps in personal growth. In this series of Trans-Personal Mentoring sessions, she will help you to create a level of clarity of intention for your Soul calling, combined with the full understanding and integration of your Higher Self’s over all plan for your Soul’s destiny.

 1: Intiutive Reading and Co-Creating Intention 

Creation of clarity and intent to to extend to Spirit. Bringing in the full support of your Angels and Guides, Ameera serves as a conduit to your Angelic guidance and serves as a liaison between you and Spirit.

 2: Meeting Your Sprit Guides and Helpers

Designed to recall and clear any energetics influencing the success of your goals. Tapping into the positive aspects to bring forward in this time/space, and healing any challenging “imprints” from past lives or current life experiences. Under “trance” state you are given the opportunity to connect energetically to your Higher Guidance to SEE and/or HEAR direct communication and ask questions or receive instructions.

 3: Atlantean Energy Shifting: Activating Your 12 Chakra Template

A full Chakra and Aura clearing and balancing, including the releasing of all discordant beliefs, patterns, thoughts and imprints lying latent in your energetic body. This clearing will set your up to absorb new imprinting and the ability to manifest into your energetic field what is truly in line with your dreams and desires to enact your Soul’s calling and create a life filled with GRACE and ABUNDANCE.

 4: Anchoring the Shifts

Session 4 is all about completion… anchoring your intentions to the epic shifts we have created over the weeks together. We tie up loose ends and fully integrate your dreams, desires and QUANTUM LEAPS  into your physical/Spiritual body.

Each Trans-Personal Session is unique to you, and your personal contracts with Sprit. I serve as the Sacred conduit to your intentions. You allow the magic between us to create. I look forward to our time together in the Mermaid room.




My  Mentoring sessions can easily be communicated by phone or Skype as well as in person. $488.00

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