Ameera Beth’s Webinars

Ameera Beth’s Webinars are now available online. If you were unable to catch a webinar you can now listen to it whenever you want. Check them out. More will be coming as they happen.

Webinar: 11:11 Stargate

goldendoor-4The 11:11 StarGate is the once a year portal into in the vibration of creation and manifestation transmitted through the frequency of 11 as the pillars of Light. In this webinar, Ameera speaks about the potency of the number 11, and how to go deeper into allowing Sacred Geometry and Metatron’s Cube as and exit out of the Matrix. Ameera also speaks to shifting into peace and the potential of all possibilities during this highly charged political transition.

Intro to Sacred GeometryWebinar: Intro to Sacred Geometry & Manifesting with Arch Angel Metatron

What is Sacred Geometry and how does it affect our everyday lives? There is hidden power in the understanding of how shapes, patterns and cycles create our physical world and help us to expand our multi dimensional self. In this webinar Ameera introduces you to Arch Angel Metatron and Metatron’s Cube, a Sacred Geometry blueprint for all of creation and manifestation. Reach out to Ameera and she will include a copy of the powerpoint presentation for FREE!. This webinar is 2 hours and 37 minutes long.


chakra angelWebinar: Clearing and Healing Your Aura

In this 90 minute online class Ameera takes you on a journey into your Auric field. She will teach you what your aura is really for, and how it influences your every day life. Learn about the auras 7 layers and how they correspond to the 7 major chakras in your body. She also takes you on a guided journey into your auric field to identify, clear and release any intrusions, heal any holes or tears and shield your aura with white light for protection. She also discusses the 12 chakras located in the aura, and grounding through the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet.